Have you ever wondered what happened to the missing items you left at the gravesites in The Winton Cemetery?

Ten years ago, the Winton Cemetery District introduced a new policy permitting only flowers in cups on rock numbers, flowers inside designated cement slabs on headstones, and small American Flags in flag holes.

Any other item besides flowers and flags will be removed.

This is because having anything other than flowers can create safety issues and higher fees for ground maintenance.

According to Office Manager Christie Koehn, immediate family members are informed verbally and given copies of the policy to take home during the burial process.

However, not everyone knows the policy because not all family members and visitors are informed during the burial process.

The current policy, however, will change in 2024. The Winton Cemetery District plans to expand its policy to allow a wider variety of items next year, per request from the public.

If you have any questions, please call The Winton Cemetery District at (209)358-3703.