A former combat marine detained an alleged thief outside the parking lot of Harbor Freight Tools in Merced.

Incident happened at 12:00 p.m.

The fight began when the suspect stole from Harbor Freight Tools. The suspect then went outside to allegedly steal a bicycle, using his tools he just stole from Harbor Freight Tools.

“When I saw him steal from the store I didn’t care as much, because the store has insurance, It made me upset when he then attempted to steal the bicycle. It’s probably someones only means of transportation, it’s disgusting.” the victim said.

Out of frustration, the combat marine went outside and attempted to detain the suspect, a struggle then ensued. The suspect then allegedly punched the former combat marine in the nose resulting in a bloody nose. The victim was able to detain the suspect in a headlock.

The police arrived shortly after.

“This country is already in a crisis, Im tired of it, the theft is disgusting,” the victim said.

“I hope he learned his lesson and doesn’t do this shit again.”

The man was arrested for battery on a person and felony assault on a person, according to Merced County jail records. It’s unknown if Harbor Freight Tools will take any legal action against the suspect.